Friday, 8 November 2013

Energize Awards 2013

Well the last twelve months have flown by and what a year it has been.

Snow delaying the restart of Swimming After Surgery (SAS) at Short Wood Primary School Pool in Wellington.

New members attending the sessions and making us realise how valuable what we do is for their confidence.  Now many are volunteering in the community which is an added bonus.

Last night was an eye opener.  We had been nominated for Community Project of the year at the Energize Awards.  Last year not one of the ladies wanted their photograph taken in public. This year was totally different, the ladies agreed to go up on stage in a group to receive our finalist certificate.  We didn't win but the fact we get recognition for all the hard work and support we offer meant a lot.

After the wonderful dinner the nominees and winners of the awards were announced.  When it came to our category our founder couldn't look at anyone she was shaking like a leaf.  The emotion was just a bit too much for her.

Then we all went up on stage to collect our certificate from Tessa Sanderson.  This was a massive moment for all of us.

When Fiona explained this was our first public photograph taken since surgery Tessa said she would catch up with us later and certainly kept to her word.

Fiona not only helps organise and run Swimming After Surgery (SAS) she is very keen on sport herself and for a couple of years she trained at Rowley Park, Stafford where she learnt to throw javelin from her wheelchair.  This gave Tessa and Fiona something to talk about.  For fun Tessa had also brought along her Olympic Torch from the relay held last year for the London 2012 Olympics.

Just as we were collecting ourselves together to leave James Bond (yes that is his real name) from Radio Shropshire was talking to us about the project.  He wondered if he could do an interview at the swimming pool.  Fiona explained that due to the nature of the project this would not be possible.  James soon understood why and asked if we would do an immediate interview for Radio Shropshire whilst at the venue of Shrewsbury Football Club.  We all agreed much to Fiona's surprise and delight.

The interview was very relaxed and friendly and everyone forgot there was a microphone being used.

This shows just how far the ladies who have needed the help and support of Swimming After Surgery (SAS) have come along a very hard and difficult journey following breast cancer surgery.

If any lady who has had or is going through cancer surgery and needs support please do not hesitate to pick up the telephone and ask for help we have been their ourselves and are more than happy to support and help in anyway we can.

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