Friday, 4 October 2013

5 Top Tips To Boost Body Confidence

5 Top Tips To Boost Body Confidence

Guest Post By: Kelly Ward

Hey there SAS folk!

Last week we did a little homework on how we felt about our body confidence and image. Tough right?

This week we are going to give you 5 top tips to help you stay positive and motivated on your journey to self love and appreciation.

1. Spend less time in front of the mirror, especially when you are not love what you see in there at the moment. Concentrate on the inner you and how you feel you look. Read your top 10 things about me list, remind yourself how awesome you are and all the good things you do. Who cares if your hair isn't red-carpet-photo-shoot ready? Seriously, feel yourself to be good looking and confident and project that outwards through your eyes, your smile and your posture; no one will notice what you look like, only how you made them feel

2. Get a hobby. Do you do what you love? Do you have down-time for yourself to enjoy to do something you love to do? Why not?
I don’t want to hear excuses that you work, have kids, run the PTA, are too tired etc. etc. there is no excuse. To allow yourself time for yourself, you are telling yourself that you love and respect yourself. To do an activity that you love to do, be it alone or in a group setting, will give you a boost of all the lovely happiness hormones, making you feel positive and good. Please folks, just an hour a week at least that is just for you. Pinky promise me.. 1 hour.

3. Think about this: your skin replaces itself once a month, your stomach lining every five days, your liver every six weeks, and your skeleton every three months. Pretty awesome right? Your body is changing all the time. It is renewing all the time, whilst you are stuck in the same rut of disliking yourself and picking fault with yourself.  It doesn't make sense logically; The skin you hate today, you didn't even have a month ago...

4. Look around. Notice that every single person you see has a different body shape, are a different height and weight, have different skin tones and hair types. You are unique and beautiful. Know that and appreciate it; you are one in seven billion honey...

5. Stop the negative self talk. Stop with the “oh I’m so fat/skinny”, “this top doesn't hang right”, “I’m ugly and scarred”. I mean it; stop it immediately because, you know what, you are listening! Would you talk about your friend or someone you love like that? No you wouldn't, so why are you hating on yourself and bullying yourself... stop it! Every time you think something about yourself, ask yourself would you think like that about your friend or sister? Instead of “I’m ugly” I want to hear “I love how my hair looks today”, find the positive – be nice to you. Be your own friend, not your enemy. 

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